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50 Years ago this week.

Excellently preserved after nearly 40 years, Arnold Houses as they are today (1970).
The trusteeship of Arnold Homes, the four houses in Glen View Road, Burnley, for poor and aged people who are or have been local residents, was officially handed over on Thursday to Miss. M. Davenport, Mrs. E. S. Nowell and Mrs. W. M. Dearing, all members of the Soroptimist Club of Burnley. After giving a brief history of the homes, Mr. Jim Nowell conducted the handing over ceremony and related the following story of the homes.
The late Mr. William Arnold, who was formerly chief cashier at Parkinson's Chemists, Burnley, was given a loan by his parents many years ago and instructed to increase the endowment for the benefit of homes for old people. He carried out their wishes, and multiplied the loan by eight or nine times. He lived frugally in Hollingreave Road, his sole pleasure being occasional trips to Fulledge Methodist recreation room for a game of snooker. When he died, the residue of his estate was left to Mr. T. B. Nowell and his son Jim, with instructions that they should endow in perpetuity homes for poor or old people. Mr. J. Nowell then set about finding a suitable site. He said that he approached local authorities, but they did not lift a finger to help him, but he did find his site, and in 1937, four Arnold Homes were built in Glen View Road, where they still stand.

Arnold Houses

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