Burnley Civic Trust Heritage Image Collection
In 2016 Burnley Civic Trust was gifted the Burnley Express Newspaper Archive by Johnston Press.

The archive is extensive and we aim to make as many of these images available online as soon as possible.

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50 Years Ago

Ray Gosling (centre) chairing the meeting. Next to him is Ken Pilling (left).

Two Burnley priests were accused at a public meeting held in the Central Library of being "Fascists" and "Paisleyites," when they condemned proposals to open a club for homosexuals in the town. Shepherded by police, about 250 people packed the library hall to hear three speakers discuss "Homosexuality and Civil Liberty." Afterwards the debate was thrown open. It was yet another round in the furore that first erupted two months ago when the organisers of Friday's 30th August 1971 meeting, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, announced plans to open a club in Hammerton Street. Homosexuals of all ages, both men and women, were there, some wearing the badge of the Gay Liberation Front - an organisation formed to promote the cause of homosexuality. Mixed among them were councillors from Burnley and district, magistrates, social workers, and a senior police chief. One JP sat incongruously dressed in a bow tie in the middle of a vociferous group of tee-shirted liberation front members.

Ray Gosling, a writer and Granada TV personality, who chaired the meeting, then threw the debate to the floor. It was to his credit that order, precarious at times, was preserved. It was a stormy two hours. By the end most views had been put.

Action Group Meets Challenge

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Short film by the Burnley Film Group