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Burnley Civic Trust Heritage Image Collection
In 2016 Burnley Civic Trust was gifted the Burnley Express Newspaper Archive by Johnston Press.

The archive is extensive and we aim to make as many of these images available online as soon as possible.

We also have Upcoming Events to raise awareness of the collection and our project.

Alongside many of the images, you will find the story behind it.

This is an ongoing project, please check back often.


50 Years ago this week.

Mr. Woodier (in Shirt sleeves) inspects the tanker with workmen and firemen.
Police, firemen and nearby residents stood by on an evacuation alert yesterday, as potentially lethal propane gas leaked from an eight-and-a-half-ton tank at the nearby Wood top works of Joseph Lucas Ltd. The scare began at 9.55 am near Lucas's car park in Brush Street, Burnley, when a routine job suddenly turned into drama. Workmen from British Oxygen Co., Ltd., who were moving the huge tank by crane, scattered as the tank slipped and keeled over. The impact of the fall broke a mesh fence and fractured the feed pipe on the belly of the tank, releasing the propane into the atmosphere in the form of vapour.
Immediately an emergency call went out to the police and fire services, who converged on the area. Traffic was diverted and nearby householders, especially those in higher Cog Lane area, were told to switch of all appliances and refrain from lighting fires or matches until the alarm was over.

Proposane accident

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Short film by the Burnley Film Group