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Burnley Referees Association pay tribute to Clifford Atherton

5 Feb 1980
Burnley Cricket Club, Turf Moor, Burnley

Burnley Referees Association pay tribute to Clifford Atherton

District League chairman Mr. Arthur Low presents a silver tankard to Mr. Atherton at the referees society meeting at Burnley Cricket Club. Members of Burnley and District soccer league last week invaded a meeting of Burnley Referees' Society to pay tribute to Clifford Atherton. They recognised his 25 years' service to local soccer by presenting him with a tankard which was handed over by chairman Mr. Arthur Lee. Mr. Atherton was 26 years old when cartilage trouble prevented him from playing any more soccer and on the suggestion of his brother-in-law, he turned to refereeing. But the ex-RAF man says that he did not do very well in his first season, and the second was not much better. Mr. Atherton said he was advised not to despair, particularly for the next two or three years, and now every match is a joy. Mr. Atherton answered the inevitable questions with the statement that fewer than 20 players have gone into his book in 25 years of refereeing and he has not sent off more than 10 or 12. He is a vice president of Burnley Referees' Society and in summer his attentions are focused on Lowerhouse where he serves on the election committee and as first team manager.