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M-Way Monster (2 of 2)

27 Oct 1972
Ightenhill Junior School, Burnley

M-Way Monster (2 of 2)

Mr. Petty of Burnley Anarchist Group makes a point at the meeting.
Burnley seems to have adopted a code of ugliness according to a former mayor of the town Mr. Ronald Bushby. He points to the new sports centre and the coming Calder Valley Highway as evidence of this. He was speaking at a meeting called by Burnley Anarchist Group about the highway, described by one speaker as a monster and another, town councillor Mike Noble as the lifeline for future prosperity in the town. Mr. Bushby was elected chairman of a new Gannow Residents' Association which is to fight to safeguard the interests of those who have to leave their homes to make way for the road and also for those who will remain in the area.
The meeting was held at Ightenhill Junior School following a random survey taken in the Gannow area which showed that most of those questioned were against the road running through the district, despite benefits it could bring to the town. Mr. Jim Petty, of the Anarchist Group, proposed the residents' association. Mr. Bushy said that the residents association should appeal against the route of the road in a proper way, then an inquiry would have to be held.
A lone voice of support for the road came from Councillor Noble, a representative for Lowerhouse ward. However he said he was in favour of a residents' association and would lend all the help he could.