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Disastrous Weekend For Cricket (1 of 2)

14 May 1967
Burnley Cricket Club, Turf Moor, Belvedere Road, Burnley

Disastrous Weekend For Cricket (1 of 2)

The dismal scene at 2-5 on Sunday as players of Burnley and Nelson await the calling off of their game at Turf Moor which was expected to be one of the attractions of the season. A few minutes later the match was abandoned without the contestants opening their cricket bags.
This has been the most disastrous weekend in one of the worst starts made to a cricket season in the past 25 years - possibly longer (writes Don Smith). The weather has not only put a damper on the usual early season enthusiasm, but for several clubs has extinguished hopes of a prosperous season. Already committees are taking an apprehensive glance at the growing commitments and wondering about the high and increasing costs of cricket.
Locally, the big match of the weekend was the clash between Burnley and Nelson at Turf Moor on Sunday 14th May. There was no chance of a start. Any hope was destroyed by the drizzle of Saturday afternoon and the heavier rain of Saturday night and Sunday morning, together with the absence of a drying wind or sun. Additional interest was engendered this year by the clash of the two professionals, Charlie Griffith and Nelson's Australian fast bowler Neil Hawke.
Part of a much longer article which also gives information about Saturday's match at the Lowerhouse West End ground against Colne which was also called off.