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Protest on lodge

21 Apr 1981
Lowerhouse Lane, Burnley

Protest on lodge

Television naturalist David Bellamy is being asked to add his weight to the campaign to save the top lodge at Lowerhouse from being filled in by tipping of waste from the building of the nearby motorway. And local residents and councillors are holding mass meetings on Thursday and on Sunday to protest about the scheme. Two petitions with more than 500 signatures between them have already been raised. Lancashire County Council is expected to give the go-ahead for tipping to take place in the lodge, owned by Burnley FC, but they are seeking the views of Burnley Borough Council. Protestors have been told they have just 28 days to appeal to the Council before the plans are passed.
Mr and Mrs Colin Robinson, of Fox Street, have collected a 250-signature petition of protest, and say it is ironic that huge sums of money are being spent to create a lake at Rowley while a ready-made lake at Lowerhouse is to be destroyed. "We want to save these lodges," said Mr Robinson. "There aren't so many real natural nature spots left where people can go and relax. i don't know how they can allow this to be done and in the same breath say how marvellous the Rowley scheme is. It's a disgrace, it really is."