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That Bowling Action: All An Illusion says Rhodes

21 Jun 1970
Lowerhouse Cricket Club, West End, Liverpool Road, Burnley

That Bowling Action: All An Illusion says Rhodes

Harold Rhodes autographs a bat and with him are some of his team colleagues - Barry Bromley, Peter Brown, Barry Foster and Norman Clee.
From a much longer article by 'D.S' The "Lions" barracked Harold Rhodes, the Burnley professional during this week's Worsley Cup match at the West End. Criticisms and verbal badinage can be expected at a Lowerhouse - Burnley clash, even in these days, but the tall ex-Derbyshire bowler took more than a fair share. He expected some comment, even abuse. It is the lot of someone to be the butt on a derby day, and Rhodes has become used to it. Though to be called "Chucker" is the worst form of opprobrium which can be hurled at a bowler. Particularly one who is fast and fair. Especially when he has been cleared by the MCC.
Harold Rhodes followed his father, Bert Rhodes to Derbyshire as an off-spinner at the age of 16, made his debut for the county in 1953 and played for England for the Third and Fourth Tests against India in 1959. Then in 1960 umpire Paul Gibb called him when playing South Africa at Derby and Donald Carr, the county captain, asked if he could try to change his complete action. He failed to find satisfactory rhythm with his new style and reverted to his normal. He went to see a specialist for examination and an explanation and was told that he had a hyper-extension of the arms - in other words, his arms are like bows. When he held his arm out straight it was obvious that it had a natural bow which creates an illusion from angles.
The controversy did not go away but eventually he was cleared by the MCC and at the Gillette Cup final at Lords in 1969 when he was going out to bat, Lords and the Yorkshire team clapped him all the way to the wicket. "At that instant I felt that all the worry, all the heart-ache, all the abuse had been worth it" said Rhodes.