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Hotel has a Tartan touch

0 Oct 1970
Market Square, Burnley

Hotel has a Tartan touch

Burnley people are given fair warning - the Scots are coming to town! But although the broadsword is very much in evidence the invasion is a friendly one and does in fact offer new hospitality in the heart of Burnley's new town centre.
It came yesterday with the opening of the new Broadsword Hotel by Scottish and Newcastle breweries Ltd. The new hotel although including all the most modern refinements of the trade has been designed in a delightful period style capturing the feeling of warm hospitality so much a feature of the old public houses of coaching days. The main public bar is on the same level as the market Hall and is known as the Edinburgh bar carpeted in the famous red McPherson tartan. Wall decor features a fine selection of weapons including Claymore? The Highland version of the Scottish two-handed sword. The Highland broadsword itself plays a prominent part in the decorative scheme with its distinctive basket hilt of the time still carried by commissioned ranks and warrant officers in the Highland regiment and pipers. The Warrior coach is completed by the Lochaber axe, the hawk used in Jacobite days for on seeking horsemen and the axe blade for delivering the coup de grace. There is also the Highland Targe or shield with its formidable centre spike- for both attack and defence. Hosts at the hotel are Mr and Mrs. Ronnie Nutter who have relinquished duties at the Lane Ends Hotel Lowerhouse, previously stewards at Belvedere Caldervale sports club and Burnley Cricket club.