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The Last Eight

25 Mar 1968
Lowerhouse Canteen

The Last Eight

There were 53 scores of 100 and more by the 16 players who met at Lowerhouse Canteen on Monday in preparation for the final of the Burnley-Padiham area of the Golden Arrow individual darts championship, which takes place at Keighley Green on Monday, April 8th. The Coach and Horses have two representatives in the final eight, Peter Wood and Charlie Howarth, and for the first time a private entry will be appearing, Derek Baker, who does not play for any team. Those winning through on Monday included Roy Bateson, last year's overall champion, Tony Leech (Fighting Cocks), Bill Ellis (Coal Clough), Trevor Kendall (Britannia) and Colin Stacey (Mitre)
The last two representatives of the Padiham and District League, John Jones (Irish League) and Jimmy Gaughan (Union) were both defeated.
The article then goes on to describe all of Monday’s games in some detail. The results are recorded at the foot of this report.
Announcements were made by Mr Raymond leek, chairman of the Burnley and District Darts League who thanked the officials and committee of the Lowerhouse canteen club for their help and for allowing the premises to be used. Mr Alan Wood and Mr David Yates acted as markers and Mr Tom Heywood and Mr Jack Wood were scorers.
Results J leech 2 (140,100,99,62) J Johnson 0 (121,100,100,100) W Ellis 2 (135,135,125,116) J Jones 1 (113,100,100,100) C Howarth 2 (140,100,100,100) R Grogan 0 (160,100,100) R Bateson 2 ( 125,100,100,100) A Hargreaves 0 (99) T Kendall 2 (140,100) J Gaughan 1 (140,127,125,100,100,99,95) D Baker 2 (135,100,87,85) A McGowan 1 (125,100,100,100,92) P Wood 2 (100,100,100,100,100,100) J Howard 1 (123,100,100,97) C Stacey 2 (140,100) J Adam 0 140,140,100,100)