Burnley Civic Trust Heritage Image Collection

Fence, Barrowford, Blacko

These images are from the Nelson Leader, part of Burnley Express Newspapers and cover the Pendle Wards of Higham and Pendleside, Old Laund Booth, Barrowford and Blacko and Higherford.
Brierfield Tennis Team Show Workers Dance Revenge for Joe St Clement's Court, Nelson Pendle Heritage Centre Presentation Blacko Sports Committee RAOB Disco Visitors from Creil St Mary's School Disco Pendle Heritage Country Fair Rouighlee Market NL81p02694.jpg Roughlee Market Barrowford Disco Canal Trip Blacko Villager of the Year Pendle Christian Fellowship BBQ Barrowford's Best Babvy Barrowford Show St Clement's Christmas Fair Wedding Celebrations at the White Bear, Barrowford Nelson Ladies Circle Minstrel Show NL81p02573.jpg NL81p02568.jpg St John's Dramatic Society Choralanes Floods NL81p02547.jpg Floods Floods Car Crash Car Crash at Barrowford Blacko School Carol Sedrvice Row Over Methods At Village School A Relic Of Fiery Past Marles Hill Panto St Thomas' Kids Barley Disco Gingerbread Society Blacko Chapel Fair Blacko SportsDay Colne and District Gingerbread Group Lancashire Birdwatchers Water Meetings Fence Churches Co-operate Fence Churches Co-operate Churches of Burnley and District  1973 (4 of 10) 'Thumbs Up' Nelson Gala Blacko Farmers dinner dance Colne Gingerbread Group