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Bid To Save Cottage At Towneley

13 Oct 1971
Towneley Park Cottage, Todmorden Road, Burnley

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Bid To Save Cottage At Towneley

Mr Fred Auger, of Branch Road, Burnley, looks at the cottage. "I for one would be sorry to see it go," he said.

A bid for the cottage at the Towneley Park main entrance to be saved was made by Councillor Sidney Blackston at a meeting of Burnley Town Council's Recreational Facilities Committee on Wednesday, 13th October 1971. Councillor Blackston said he did not accept an estimate of nearly £4,000 to put the cottage into a good state of repair. He said: "I think there would be objections from the Towneley Hall Society and others if we demolished the cottage. I don't think the archway would look complete without the cottage. I regret the pulling down of the other cottage which was done without Ministry approval." The chairman, Ald. T. Holgate, said "We decided that it should not be made habitable but should be demolished. It is quite true there would be objections to the demolition order with a public Inquiry probably resulting." discussions continued and it was decided to defer the decision until further investigations had been made about grants likely to be available for carrying out repair work.

The committee also discussed the Towneley cottage formerly used by the curator Mr Hector Thornton. The new curator, Mr J. D. Blundell did not wish to live in the cottage and the Libraries and Arts Committee wanted the Recreational Facilities Committee to resume responsibility for the cottage. The Director of Parks, Mr J. Mattocks, said that members of staff would probably like to take the cottage over but repair and decorative work was needed. He said the priority was to get it occupied again.

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