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Now The People Have Their Say

20 May 1973
Gawthorpe Hall, Burnley Road, Padiham

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Now The People Have Their Say
Now The People Have Their Say () Now The People Have Their Say () Now The People Have Their Say ()

Other County Borough councillors at the seminar at Gawthorpe Hall on Sunday, sponsored by the Burnley Municipal and Nelson and Colne Colleges and the Burnley Express, to discuss the NE Lancashire Advisory Report. A previously unpublished image.

From an article by Allan Halstead:
A Vision of life in the future, in NE Lancashire, proposed by the NE Lancashire Planning Unit, was put under the microscope at a seminar at Gawthorpe Hall on Sunday, 20th May 1973. Representatives of people living in all parts of the area from Padiham to Trawden had a detailed exposition from the planning experts - and they were left in no doubt about "the voice of the people." The seminar was part of a series of meetings organised by the Burnley and Nelson colleges in association with the Burnley Express and Nelson Leader series of newspapers.

The representatives spent the morning and afternoon discussing roads and transport, housing and the urban environment and leisure. The discussions on roads and transport, reviewed by Mr Richard Kirby, director of the Planning Unit, agreed that there was a need to plan for greater use of cars although there was a need for restraint of car usage. Mr Charles Wilson, architect/planner to the unit gave the report of the housing and urban environment discussions and said there was general agreement that the area would not need any more houses but the renewal of existing house clearance by new housing was an issue and there should be more selectivity in clearance. Reporting on the recreation and leisure discussions, Mr David Ellis, geographer/planner in the unit said they had stressed the value of the appearance of the countryside, the need to make greater use of joint facilities and to provide better amenities in and around people's homes.

Mr Kirby thanked those who took part and said it was encouraging to have people who were interested coming along and giving up a day of their leisure.

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