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Vandals Blamed For Disastrous Hut Fire

1 Feb 1974
Heald Wood, Barden Lane, Burnley

Media Ref: BE74ng56115
Vandals Blamed For Disastrous Hut Fire

The charred remains of the hut, once the headquarters of the Scouts.

Vandals are believed to have started a fire in which the outdoor headquarters of St Andrew's Scout Group was gutted on Friday, 1st February 1974. By the time the fire brigade arrived it was too late to save the hut and its contents. Furniture, a small library, first-aid equipment and training equipment were just charred remains. Mr Peter Shoesmith, one of the leaders said: "Fortunately a lot of the equipment, including four canoes, was not in the hut, but was with the troop who were at a hostel near Hebden Bridge for the weekend. Since it was built we have always had trouble with vandals but recently it has been worse. I suppose now we will have to start thinking about building another, one which won't be as easy to damage."

The headquarters, in Heald Wood, was built in 1968 from funds raised by members. The headquarters was used by more than 80 Cubs and Scouts for various training, activities, assault courses, barbeques and last summer the troop invited under-privileged children to take part in the activities. "This year's programme has been completely ruined. The leaders spent many hours arranging the events, including an 'It's-a-knockout' competition, all of which have now to be cancelled," said Mr Shoesmith.

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