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What's The Big Idea? Pupils Are Asked (1 of 2)

9 Jan 1970
St. Peter's Church, Church Street, Burnley.

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What's The Big Idea? Pupils Are Asked (1 of 2)
What's The Big Idea? Pupils Are Asked (1 of 2)

Some of the pupils leave St. Peter's after the Founders Day service.
Pupils of Burnley Technical High School were told about "the big idea behind life" at the School's Founders Day service at St. Peter's Parish Church last Friday the 9th January. The Rev. K. H. Hobbs told them that they should consider the basic questions of life while they were still young. "The mystery of life is very similar to the problems set in the TV programme "Going for a Song" in which experts try to discover what antique objects are, who made them, and how old they are", Mr. Hobbs said. He said that one set of people will say that there is no big idea behind life and that god is a product of the human imagination; another group believe that there is a purpose and that God does exist. In his opinion the second group of people would be more inclined to love their neighbours and he had based his life on that creed. Mr. Hobbs, who is president of Burnley Free Church Federal Council ended by asking "If the experts examined lives instead of antiques, what would they say about you"?
During the service prayers were led by the Rev. J. B. Warburton, assistant curate of the church, and lessons were read by two senior pupils.

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