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Human Volcano At Tesco

31 Jul 1970
11 to 15 St. James's Street, Burnley (now McDonald's)

Media Ref: BE70ng45463
Human Volcano At Tesco
Human Volcano At Tesco (1)

What is a man doing in the streets of Burnley playing the part of a human volcano? Not only was he seen gulping in the flames from blazing torches and blowing them to the winds, but also making a meal of a razor-edged sword by swallowing it up to the hilt. Definitely a picture to fire the imagination.
An amazed crowd gathered outside a store in St. James's Street, Burnley to watch fire-eater and sword-swallower Stromboli brighten up a dull Tuesday morning for them. Scots born Stromboli and his assistant Sylvia were appearing at the re-opening of Tesco in Burnley. (See Stromboli at Store Opening for more information.)
Stromboli has been tasting fire and metal for five years professionally, but first took it up 20 years ago. He claims to be one of the few people in the world who can actually swallow a sword. Next week the couple, who are man and wife, go to Switzerland for the start of another European tour and more opportunities for Stromboli to prove himself a human volcano.

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