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Dance Follows Church Fete

22 Aug 1970
St. James's Church Parish Hall, Brougham Street, Burnley.

Media Ref: BE70ng45649
Dance Follows Church Fete

Rose Queen June Atkinson trying on beads at one of the stalls. With her are Mrs. S. Bell and Mr. Russon.
An impromptu dance followed St. James's Church garden fete on Saturday 22nd August 1970, when £32 was raised for charity. The snap decision was taken as the fete closed: everything was cleared away in the Parish Hall, a portable hot dog stand set up, and dancing went on until 10.30 p.m.
The vicar, the Rev. J. K. Russon, said that the attendance was down on previous years due to the unsettled weather, other events in the town, and a change of venue. The fete was held in the Parish Hall, in Brougham Street, as the vicarage lawn was too soft. "There was a change of venue but not a change of heart," he added. The rose queen, Miss June Atkinson, opened the fete, which had various stalls run by the Young Wives, the Mothers' Union, the Sunday School, the church men, and the Church Lads' Brigade. The Youth Forum ran a fortune-telling stall, with one of the boys dressed as a gipsy acting as fortune-teller.

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