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Prizemoney Pooled To Purchase Club Trophy

7 Sep 1970
Irish Democratic Club,

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Prizemoney Pooled To Purchase Club Trophy

Some officials and captains with Mr. Dan Jones admiring the trophy subscribed for by the Yatefield team. Mr. S. Pickles, Mr. F. Harvey (Clarion B), Mr. Jones, Mr. J. Kenny, Mr. A. Tomlinson (Yatefield) and Mr. J. O'Leary (Keighley Green).
The popularity of the club and Institute Union games section was emphasised on Monday, 7th September 1970, when the Irish Democratic Club was crowded for the annual presentations.
The Yatefield A team who were second in the Snooker A Division pooled their prize money to purchase a trophy to be played for annually by their club colleagues at Yatefield Conservative club and Mr. Arthur Tomlinson, a representative, said that it might be used as the award for the Christmas handicap.
The trophies and prizes were handed over by Mr. Dan Jones, MP for Burnley, Mr. J. Pepper, president of the IDL presiding, and Mr. Stanley Pickles, secretary of the Club and Institute Union branch being MC.

Winners of the Dominoes, Snooker and Darts sections are listed in the article.

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