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Audience Responds To A Special Kind Of Humour

20 Nov 1970
Central Library, Grimshaw Street, and Burnley Wood Junior School, Burnley

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Audience Responds To A Special Kind Of Humour
Audience Responds To A Special Kind Of Humour (1) Audience Responds To A Special Kind Of Humour (1)

Mr. Sadler gets the children of Burnley Wood into a lighthearted mood during his visit to the school.

From an article by Norman Clark, pictures by Keith Snowden.
One of the best-known opera lecturers in the country, Mr. Donald Sadler, visited Burnley this week to give a lecture and recital on the work of Gilbert and Sullivan at the Central Library. Mr. Sadler's return provided an opportunity for him to dip at will into the Gilbert and Sullivan operas to illustrate the satirical wit of Gilbert and how his early poems "The Bab Ballads," often provided the basis for the opera lyrics to which Sullivan added his magical music. Gilbert carefully worked out his plots before sending them to Sullivan who, in contrast, was always at the last minute. Gilbert was a master satirist, commenting pointedly on life, his one fault said Mr. Sadler was his weak female characterisations.

The audience wholeheartedly responded to Mr Sadler and his appeal for them to join in several choruses met with no resistance. The chairman, Ald. T. Burrows was persuaded to sing two solos which he knew by heart and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

In the afternoon Mr. Sadler saw a performance by Burnley Wood Junior School Gilbert and Sullivan Choir, described their performance as "a window on to the adult world" and expressed his delight in the choir and particularly their excerpt from "The Gondoliers."

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