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Pat Phoenix's Visit

3 Apr 1971
Fairways Drive, Burnley

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Pat Phoenix's Visit
Pat Phoenix's Visit (1) Pat Phoenix's Visit (1) Pat Phoenix's Visit (1)

Mr. J. E. Adamson (Leech director) and Mrs. Adamson with Pat and Councillor and Mrs. Halsted outside the Leech showhouse for the opening.

Pat Phoenix's (Elsie Tanner) visit to the area on Saturday, 3rd April 1971, took her away from the terraced homes with which "Coronation Street" is associated. Her trip was to new houses and she opened a Leech showhouse at Fairways Drive, Habergham Eaves. The glamorous copper-haired star had smiles and waves for everybody, and found time for signing autographs and photographs after the opening ceremony.

There to greet her was Councillor G. Halsted, chairman of Burnley Rural District Council, and Mrs. Halsted, as well as directors of the building firm, who entertained Miss Phoenix to a pre-opening luncheon at the Keirby Hotel before the ceremony.

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