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Noyna Has Everything

20 Jul 1971
Noyna, Queen's Promenade, Bispham, Blackpool

Media Ref: BE71ng48223_d
Noyna Has Everything
Noyna Has Everything () Noyna Has Everything () Noyna Has Everything () Noyna Has Everything ()

A view of the promenade and sea from Noyna's balcony. A previously unpublished image.

From a story by Winifred Bose, Pictures by Alan Marsden:
A "No Vacancies" sign in the front window of Noyna, Burnley's holiday home for the aged at Bispham, is a sure pointer to the fact that this home looks just like what it is - an hotel, but one catering to the special needs of the over 60's from Burnley. The sign was put there by the warden - Mrs. Nellie Greenhalgh - that's her official title - because people don't realise it is not a hotel for everyone. Mrs Greenhalgh was formerly in charge of the Burnley hostel at Palatine Square and took the post at Bispham five years ago when "Noyna" was opened as a short-stay home for elderly men and women of Burnley Borough. It has accommodation for 15 residents with single and double bedrooms.

During Burnley Fair weeks, residents were all from local hostels, and included a couple who could be said to be on their honeymoon. Noyna is not an isolated hostel, but sit's snugly between residential hotels, keeping its own residents in constant touch with other holidaymakers. It stays open all the year round, for a mid-winter holiday can be a real tonic for an old person. When the then Mayor of Burnley, Alderman J. E. Parkinson, officially opened Noyna in 1966 he said: "It is with joy in my heart that I declare Noyna officially open." I wonder if he realises just how much joy a week or two at Blackpool has brought to the hearts of so many of our old people during the past five years.

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