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Lucas Victory Team

20 June 1980
Location not stated, Lucas Engineering School?

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Lucas Victory Team
Lucas Victory Team (1)

Athletes from Burnley’s Lucas Engineering School seen with the trophy they won at the annual Lucas schools sports held at Moor Lane Sports Grounds in Birmingham.
The decathlon team with their shield, previously unpublished image.
The team from Burnley’s Lucas Engineering School won the mile relay and also the coveted Lucas Directors’ Shield for the decathlon event which involved nine teams from Lucas schools all over the country. Burnley’s win was particularly gratifying for the apprentices because they defeated teams from much larger schools and this was the first time that they had won a major event outright at the sports. The team was trained by Danny Gallagher and Eddie Antimes.
The Decathlon involved 10 team members who each took one event, and each athlete won a place medal as follows Javelin 1. Kevin Bradshaw; 100 metres 1 Terence Bailey; 400 metres 1 Craig Lensky; High Jump 2 Dion Horrocks; 800 metres 2 Kevin Cronshaw; 1500 metres 2 David Gregory; shot putt 3 Andrew Flanagan; long jump 3 Ernie Row; obstacle race 3 Alaister Baldocke.
The 1500 (mile) relay event was split into two 200 metre runs, a 400 metres run and a final 700 run. Stephen Davey and John Doughty did the honours in the 200, Duncan Field ran the 400 lap, and Andrew Schofield ran the 700 metre part of the race. Later Andrew Schofield also scored a victory in the men’s 1500 metre event. The captain of the team was Craig Lensky.

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