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Dry Rot Leads To Closure Of Church

8 Aug 1967
Stoneyholme Methodist Church, Hubie Street, Burnley

Media Ref: BE67ng38242
Dry Rot Leads To Closure Of Church

The discovery of dry rot has led to the closure of another Burnley church. Faced with a bill for £11,000 to repair the damage, the trustees of Stoneyholme Methodist Church have decided to close down at the end of the month, and shortly afterwards the building will be demolished. One of the trustees, Mr James Smith of Merton Street, who has been a worshipper at the church for 63 years, told our reporter that they had gone carefully into the possibility of carrying out the repairs but just could not see their way to finding the money. The last services at the church, which was opened about 80 years ago, will be held on Sunday, August 27th. Members of the congregation, numbering about 50, have been invited to attend Colne Road Methodist Church. The church closure does not affect the future of Stoneyholme Institute, which is opposite the church in Canning Street. The institute was formed about 1903. Stoneyholme being one of the first churches in the town to open such a building. The institute has its own board of trustees and it will continue to be represented in the Burnley Sunday School snooker league.
(NB: The church was not demolished and is currently a plumbing warehouse)

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