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Oasis Is Born

14 Jan 1972
Former St. James The Great Church, Brick Street/Bethesda Street, Burnley

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Oasis Is Born
Oasis Is Born (1) Oasis Is Born (1) Oasis Is Born (1)

Two Parks Department men planting a silver birch.

A garden in the heart of Burnley, due to mature in 100 years' time, is being born. This week work teams from the town's Parks Department were planting trees in the area around the church spire of St James the Great. Welsh-born forester Mr John Coles, in charge of the site adjoining Curzon Street multi-storey car stack told us. "Whoever started this, whether a councillor or an official had some foresight. It will become a green oasis in the heart of Burnley." The trees being planted were 3 sycamores, a lime, 3 robinas, 3 mountain ash (one an unusual Chinese version) and 4 silver birch. Already in the gardens are holly, witch elm and thorn. Underplanting will include climbing roses and heather.

More trees are being planted in St James's Street. They are on the central area redevelopment side of the road and join five others planted last year. Meantime the budding garden around St James's spire lacks an official name. A town hall spokesman said yesterday that it was unofficially being called St James's Garden at present. It is hoped that an official opening will take place. Among the amenities already there are four six-sided picnic tables, and timber benches will be put in when the better weather comes.

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