Burnley Civic Trust Heritage Image Collection


As a town which grew quickly and is constantly being redeveloped, Nelson has changed a lot over the years. The Nelson Leader documented the rise and fall of buildings and changing landscapes and the photographs, which provide a view of our past, are part of our 'Surrounding Districts - Places' Collection.
Ted Heath at The Imp Sun Street, Lomeshaye March Against Racial Discrimination Palace Theatre The Palace Proposed Secondary School Lorries Banned From Busy, Weak Bridge Nelson Glass Nelson Glass Eastwood's Carpets Eastwoods and Bartletts Salem Church BCN Joint Transport Leyland Tiger Church Way Nelson Corn Mills Car Accident The Nelson Inn Nelson Town Centre The Grand Burton's Building Spring Cottage Scotland Road with Tramlines The Coldwell Inn Exciting Plan for Jimmy's Road Blocked - Shopkeepers in Water Work Battle The Wigglesworth Arms Carr Rd, Nelson St Peter & Paul Catholic Church St Thomas Cemetery New School Joy at Holy Trinity The Hour Glass Station Hotel The Bull The Derby Thatch and Thistle Construction of Thatch and Thistle General Gordon Nelson Nelson Town Centre Properties at Narrowgates Nelson Central Mosque Demolition of Salem Chruch Dome Construction Construction of Nelson Central Mosque Nelson Central Mosque Town Centre Salem Church Victoria Park Gas Nelson Town Centre