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Tommy presses on regardless

May 1976
Keighley Green Club, Bank Parade Burnley

Media Ref: BE76ng03775a
Tommy presses on regardless

Concentration, determination, physical fitness and a rare example of ignoring pain – all contributed to Tom Gildert becoming the British press-up champion in the new lounge at Keighley Green club on Monday. Watched by an enthusiastic audience, Tom accomplished 1001 in 36.87 minutes, the previous British best - 1000 in forty minutes. The feat has to be officially ratified and signed statements are to be sent to the Guinness Book of Records.
Tommy’ s next target is the world championship held by a Japanese, “I am confident I can make it. I have improved each time. Give me another six weeks and I shall come back here and crack it.”
It was decided that his next attempt should be made at Keighley Green in June,
The British record attempt within connection with the club’s effort for the Alan Young memorial Fund and spectators watching Tom’s challenge were so affected by his determination that several threw £1 notes on the floor near to where he was operating. Afterwards he handed the money over to be given to the fund.
One could not fail to be impressed by the set up for Tom’s attempt on the title. Starter was Brian Solessi. The count was given by Trevor Hewitt with George Smith as count advisor. Les Harrison was neutral observer checking the count with an adding machine.
Every contingency seemed covered. The competitor was allowed eight to 10 seconds rest a minute

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