Burnley Civic Trust Heritage Image Collection

The Towneley Venus

30 Oct 1970
Towneley Hall, Burnley

Media Ref: BE70ng46145
The Towneley Venus

The only coat this lovely lady is likely to wear is the coat of paint she is getting from corporation painter Dennis Watson - she certainly hasn't had any other during the 245 years she has been at Towneley Hall.

Giving "The Towneley Venus" the brush-off is just part of the renovations being carried out in the Towneley entrance hall. The Towneley Venus has stood in the hall for 245 years. A plaster cast modelled on the goddess "Aphrodite" she needs regular careful treatment every two months according to the hall's curator, Mr. Hector Thornton.

The Venus' partner in the entrance hall, "The Dancing Faun" has received similar careful attention.

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