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Jim Still Knocks `em Up - at 80

26 Jan 1968
60 Master Street, Burnley

Media Ref: BE68ng39366
Jim Still Knocks `em Up - at 80
Knocker-Up has now made the last call - Burnley Express 200968 ()

A sprightly pensioner, who took the job of "knocker-up" as a temporary one to help out his father-in-law, is still carrying it on, 40 years later. He is 80-year-old Mr. James Osborne, whose cosy terraced home at 60 Master Street, Burnley, is as bright as a new pin - he does all the housework for his invalid wife Sarah Elizabeth. "I have never let anybody down in all the years I have been knocking up" he said. A member of Salem Pensioners' Club, he likes to dance there on Saturday evenings and at one time used to play the concertina. Although he and his wife have no family of their own they brought up two of Mrs. Osborne's sister's children. With more than a hint of nostalgia in his eyes Mr. Osborne says about his work, "The whole thing is getting to be a dying profession." For 30 years Mr. Osborne worked as a weaver at Primrose Mill Harle Syke, until 15 years ago when he retired.

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